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Low Voltage

Low Voltage

APQ offers power quality solutions for commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Choose from pre-engineered standard products or custom designed solutions that meet your specific objectives. Products are designed for either connection at individual loads or for the total facility or substation.


APQ offers six different technologies for mitigating and controlling harmonic distortion. From the APQsine Active Harmonic Filter to the LPF Series Harmonic Filter Solutions, APQ has the right mitigation solution for your application. Solutions are available to reduce current and voltage distortion and improve total power factor. Our products can help to reduce KVA demand, power losses, and CO2 emissions.


APQ offers a complete range of solutions for improving power factor and reducing electrical energy costs. Choose from either fixed capacity or automatic switching systems. Our automatic systems are offered with transient-free thyristor switching or traditional contactor switches. Harmonic protected (detuned) capacitor banks are available to assure long life whenever the capacitors will be connected to an electrical system with harmonic producing loads.


APQ offers a complete range of filters to improve inverter output voltage, reduce dv/dt and protect motors from harsh Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) voltage waveforms and over-voltage due to reflected waves. Type SWF filters are ideal for protecting submersible motors and other motors where long cables are involved.

    • Sine Wave dv/dt Filters

      Sine Wave dv/dt Filters

      Improves motor performance and life. Converts PWM voltage to a sine wave (for any cable length).

    • Load Reactor

      Load Reactor

      Improves PWM voltage and adds motor protection (for short to medium length cables).