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APQline Active Harmonic Filters

APQline Active Harmonic Filters

Image of Active Harmonic Filter

Active Filters with IGBT Technology

APQline Active Harmonic Filters (Type AHF) 200-690 volts 50/60Hz

APPLICATION: APQline Active harmonic filters are typically used where ever the non-linear load represents over 50% of the total load such as water, wastewater and deep tunnel applications. They are also very useful in general industrial applications where space is at a premium, where shunt filter connection is preferred over a series connection, and where multiple loads require filtering.

  • APQline Type AHF Active Filters

    APQ APQline AHF Active Harmonic Filters utilize the latest IGBT power electronics technology to dynamically cancel harmonic current from the 5th to 51st harmonic. Through the injection of inverse relationship compensating current, harmonics are significantly reduced and the sine wave is restored. IGBT technology enables our filter to respond to rapid load fluctuations and changing harmonic conditions. Our active filters achieve harmonic current distortion levels as low as 5% THD-i and comply with IEEE-519 and other international power quality standards.

    Type AHF filters reduce burden on the electrical system components such as transformers, switchgear and generators. By minimizing harmonic current, the Active Filter also reduces true rms, peak current and KVA. By reducing wasteful harmonics, it is possible to release capacity in existing electrical power sources and enable the existing infrastructure to accept additional loads.