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APQvar Dynamic Harmonic Filters

APQvar Dynamic Harmonic Filters

APQvar Dynamic Harmonic Filters

Filter switching is accomplished without transients and within one cycle or less.

APQvar Dynamic Harmonic Filters (Type SMV) 200-690 volts 50/60Hz

APPLICATIONS: Use the APQvar systems when you need a harmonic filter that can keep pace with abrupt load changes. A wide variety of dynamic applications exist for APQvar solutions, including arc furnaces, amusement park attractions, rock crushers, automobile shredders, wind turbines, induction furnaces, welders and more.

  • APQvar Type SMV Automatic Harmonic Filter

    Automatic Harmonic Filter systems offer transient free switching and rapid response for dynamic loads and dynamic VAR compensation. Your selection of switching speeds range from fast (100msec) to sub-cycle (16msec) switching to accommodate the most demanding loads.

Voltage Notch Immunity with smARTnotch

Voltage Notch Immunity (VNI)

Available when you choose our exclusive APQnotch system that ignores false zero crosses caused by SCR voltage notches and performs filter or capacitor switching function only at true waveform zero crosses. Patent pending.