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APQ Series Type F Tuned Harmonic Filters

APQ Series Type F Tuned Harmonic Filters

APQ Series Type F Tuned Harmonic Filters

APQ Series Type F Tuned Harmonic Filters (Type FFB and Type FAB) 200-690 volts 50/60Hz

APQ Series Type F Tuned Harmonic Filters reduce power system harmonic distortion and improve power factor. Most commonly, these APQ filters are tuned for the 5th harmonic, but Tuned Harmonic Filters are available to filter any harmonic frequency. Filters may also be designed to remove more than one harmonic frequency (ie: 5th and 7th).

APPLICATIONS: Tuned filters are ideal for filtering harmonic distortion for an individual drive/motor or to filter multiple loads that are connected to a common power source (transformer, distribution panel, substation). In addition to reducing harmonics, tuned filters can also improve displacement and total power factor.

  • Type F Fixed Capacity Filters: (Type FFB)

    Fixed capacitor filters are typically recommended for use on systems with fairly constant load and harmonic conditions. These filters provide a constant amount of filter capacity (kVARs).

  • Type F Automatic Adjustable Capacity Filter: (Type FAB)

    Automatic Tuned Harmonic Filters will adjust the amount of filtering based on the actual harmonic signature of the load. The automatic filter assures proper filtering capacity is always on the system without over compensating, prevents over-capacity when the load is small, and alternates the incremental capacitors to maximize component life.

Tuned Harmonic Filter Type FFB or Type FAB
Filter Type Capacitor Increments (Steps) Load Types Adjusts KVARS as load changes
Type FFB Fixed
Capacity Harmonic Filter
Single Full ON Full OFF Individual (Constant) No
Type FAB
Automatic Harmonic Filter
Multiple Steps (2 or more) Multiple (1 or more) Yes