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Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage

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Medium Voltage Power Quality Equipment
>1,001 volts ≤ 35,000 volts

APQ LLC can produce medium voltage power quality equipment to your specifications or to meet your specific power quality and ROI objectives. Product customization includes indoor or outdoor enclosure, main switch or circuit breakers, surge protection, fusing, or any of a multitude of other options.

Harmonic Mitigation Equipment for Medium Voltage systems

  • Line Reactors
  • Tuned Harmonic Filters
  • smARTvar Harmonic Filters for dynamic loads
  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters

Power Factor Equipment for Medium Voltage Systems

  • Fixed Capacitor Systems
  • Detuned PF Capacitors
  • Automatic Capacitor Systems
  • Automatic Detuned PF Capacitor Systems
  • smARTvar Capacitor Systems for dynamic loads and VAR compensation

Inverter Output Filters

  • Sine Wave dv/dt Filters for Medium Voltage drives

Medium Voltage Power Quality Equipment

Please contact our factory or sales office for medium voltage equipment. We would like to personally discuss the application with you to be certain we understand your power quality situation and your objectives.